Dr Rev Albert D Pepiton

About Anderson County Notary

All About Anderson County Notary and Dr Rev Albert “Chip” Pepiton – Notary Public, Certified Loan Signing Agent, Fingerprinting Technician and Ordained Minister.

Back in 2019, I became a Notary Public, just to be able to say that I was a notary public. But then after receiving my Notary Commission from the State of South Carolina, I learn of all the many services that a South Carolina Notary Public could offer.  I became quite intrigued with the vast array of services.  So I started researching and learning about how to do everything that I could do.  Being a Notary Public in South Carolina had so many possibilities.  When I first started, I spent a lot of time researching names and I decided to go with a business name instead of my own name.  I chose the name Anderson County Notary and I was just in complete shock that it was available.

Now as I was learning about the wide world of being a Notary Public, I put my Information Technology skills to good use.  I created my online presence with a website, social media as well as online advertising. 

It was no time before I started getting more and more calls, however some of those calls were for documents or services that I was not familiar with, so I continued to learn about my new profession.  It wasn’t too long before my skill set as a Notary Public had increased so much that it surpassed my earnings as an Information Technologies professional and then replaced it.  Yes, I left the IT world to become a full time professional Notary Public and Wedding Officiant.

Another area that a South Carolina could shine in was performing Weddings.  Now I have been an ordained minister for nearly 20 years and I had also achieved my Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree so this is something that I was quite familiar with. I have performed thousands of wedding ceremonies over the years.

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